meet the dogs of weston gardens!



Thor is a happy, Blue Merle Great Dane. He’s the gentlest of giants and was such a special part of mom and dad’s big day. His favorite part was the BBQ dinner, but we’re sure he also enjoyed the stroll down the isle.



Rey is a yellow lab that loves hiking, swimming, traveling, and most importantly… cuddling! She gives her humans, Hannah & Trent, so much happiness; it was a no-brainer that she would make the cutest ring bearer!



Tucker loves to hike and play fetch, and Zoey likes to make friends with new people. They both love snacks and were so happy to be apart of their parent’s, Jenny & Peyton’s wedding in 2014.



Erin & Daniel adopted Muchos the same day we first met the couple for a site visit in the gardens. It was one we will never forget because he accidentally fell in the lily pond, oops! From that point on, he was involved in every step of the planning process. Muchos never missed a planning meeting and walked down the aisle as Erin & Daniel’s ring bearer. We loved watching him grow and can’t wait to have this adorable family back in the gardens on their anniversary!



Eloise is a calm basset hound who just loves her humans, Lauren & Luiz! Luiz gifted her to Lauren for her birthday. Eloise was excited when he asked Lauren for her right hound in marriage. She was even more excited when she got to be apart of their big day!



Jack is a spunky border collie who loves everyone. His owner is Sue Weston, owner of Weston Gardens. You will find Jack at our garden center waiting to get his belly rubbed. He howls at Sue to hurry up every morning, until she takes him to our plant nursery.



Meet our wedding coordinator, Morgan’s two golden-doodles, Maple & Marley. Maple likes long walks to Pet’s Mart and anything that involves a treat. Marley will do just about anything to get you to throw her ball. All she thinks and dreams about is playing fetch.



Belle is a happy pup who can not wait for her parents to get married in the gardens this September!